We care about your health. In the destination of seeking the best solutions for our clothes, we withdrew the cooperation with a top-class specialist from the physiotherapy field. We consult the quality of our products at every stage of the production, in order to make it fulfill its objectives also in this field. Apart from that, we are working above the new line of Eskape Physioline clothes which peculiarly will be dedicated for supporting the body of persons practicing frequent trainings of high intensity.

Daniel Demkiewicz

Daniel Demkiewicz, physiotherapist, graduate of the Collegium Medicum Physiotherapy of the Jagiellonian University, coach of the motor preparation, coach of the bodybuilding, license sport instructor, personal coach, former competitor. In his work/career he links the medical and sports knowledge, working both with patients with orthopedic problems, as well as athletes on the split level of the progress. He effectively leads persons, who want to healthily take care about their silhouette, as well as to improve sports results. For 5 years joined with the Carolina Medical Center, he worked with Dr. Śmigielski team.

Coach of Anita Włodarczyk 2015 motor preparing, of Jerzy Janowicz 2013 – 2014, and permanently cooperating with the national team of the Polish Fencing Association. He prepared the individual training programme of the motor preparation for Robert Lewandowski during the Euro 2012, based on Functional Movement Screening tests. The physiotherapist and the coach of the motor preparing of the repeated champion of Poland at swimming and the current brown medalist of the European and World championships and World – paraolimpian - Jacek Czech.

Co-organizer, academic teacher of courses in using the ultrasound scan to work with the patient during the rehabilitation.